How to use Project Management to create better Social Media Campaigns

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 There’s so much being said about using Social Media with Project management and how many of it’s principles and techniques can be applied to social media marketing campaigns in order to improve their effectiveness.

But there are two approaches:

  1. Project Managing Social Media
  2. Social Media for Project Management

Here are some tips to merge social media and project management. Let’s get started!

Before starting on anything in the social space, you need a clearly defined social media strategy . After you’ve got the strategy in place, it is time to start your campaign or in the parlance of project management ‘ Initiating a project’ with PRINCE 2. This stage is very similar wherein you need to have a good understanding of the desired goals of your campaign before you proceed.

 Also, the tool sets out the necessary resources, the different sources of information, what sort of things you will post, who your target audience is etc from both a logical and a strategy point of view. PRINCE 2 will help you achieve that.

PRINCE 2 directing a project or a social media campaign

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So you have the Starting of the Project or campaign, and Initiating a Project or campaign, which is similar. the next step is:

Defining Scope: Set a budget for your campaign and a time scope for each day. You need to stick to a particular limit if your project has to be both cost and time effective.

Make use of Gantt charts to keep track of your time and your activities on social media. Use it to plan an item, record the time spent on each part of the project, which ones require more focus etc.

Gantt chart

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PRINCE 2 methodologies have been crafted seamlessly for each stage of the project. It’s very structured and has stages for controlling and managing product delivery too.

You can integrate Social Media and Project Management in:

1)   Blogs– Which is equivalent to a project notebook or a shared project log

2)   Instant Messages: Send quick, short text messages to colleagues on the computer

3)   Webinars: Make use of Webinars for meetings, presentations, seminars all on the web!

4)   Use Podcasts and Vodcasts: For audio and videos on anything in your field, get them downloaded for access anytime

5)    Social Networks: Make use of different networks to get people of similar interests to come together. Connect with people on topics of interest and learn on the go. Or share photos of interest to people in your network.

Benefits of using social media for project management include:



– Networking

-Increased efficiency

– Financial benefits

– Building trust

-Increased transparency

And using project management tools in social media you can:

–       Choose which tasks are important vs urgent

–       Identify resources

–       Choose the platforms needed

–       Choose the timelines for each project

–       Develop content for each project

–       Have monitoring and communications management

–       Measurement and analytics

prince2 project management phases

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We believe that if you apply some of the project management principles to your campaign, you will be looking at a very successful outcome!

Try it out and let us know how it worked!

-Social Pandora


Creating a Social Media Strategy the hassle-free way


 Although a lot of companies embrace Social Media as part of their marketing plan, there are a fair few of those who are confused or overwhelmed with Social Media and how to use it.  Reactions vary from “ I already have a lot of customers who are regulars, I don’t need social media to bring me more” or “I don’t know how to use social media, so I don’t do anything”  to “ I don’t think social media can do anything for my job” and the plain and simple” I don’t have time for social media”

Sound a little familiar? That’s all right; you’re not alone. It’s really about understanding how social media works and what it can do for your business. With social media, you can enhance your relationships, build new ones, expand your brand and even understand what your brand needs to improve upon. Today, people the world over look to search engines to find companies, read reviews, check on competitors, look up business partners etc. So if you’re not available to them on social media and the web, they might miss out on what you have to offer.

Once you have established the need for using social media in your business, the next bit is to have a social media strategy in place. If you’re a company already using social media but have the issues of not being engaging enough, you may not achieve the goals you’ve written out for yourself.

Here are 10 easy steps to crafting out a strategy for your company and how to start a campaign.



What are your objectives for your company? Establish a clear, focused vision. It could be to grow your brand, attract new customers, or just to engage with your customers and fans.

Next is to make it measurable. So let’s say you want 50 new customers or leads in the next two months. It is more measurable and clearer than saying that you want 50 new leads.


Who is your audience? Who are the people you want to engage with on social media?

In order to do that, consider asking yourself these questions;

  • Where does my target audience engage? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? Or forums?
  • Do they just read and leave or do they share, and actively participate?
  • What do I know about them? Their demographics, psycho-graphics, their interests?


What are the immediate goals that your company has? What do you want your business to be known for?

What do your customers like about your brand? What do they feel you lack?

Are you having any other marketing or promotional events lined up in the near future?

If so, just  link them with social media to promote it even more.

The answers to these questions will give you content for your brand.


Write down what resources you need to achieve your goal. They could be the following too

–       Internal resources and skills needed

–       External agencies you may partner with

–       Responsibilities and structures

–       Processes where possible

–       Social media policy or guidelines



Answering questions to steps 2 and 3 will give you the basic content needed to get you started. With Digital, remember that the’ Devil is in the details’. So start slowly, create content for a week, then a month and work your way up. Remember to post content that is engaging and informative.


–       Create a presence on all the major social media platforms

–       Ensure that the company name is the same across all the main profiles



Although it is relatively simple, it is most often ignored. When you ‘Listen’ you’ll know what your customers are saying about you and what your competitors are doing. It’s great to know where and how you should be active on social media.


How will you post content, engage with your audience, promote you brand while still being human and approachable?

Social Media is about people, not logos’


Set up everything you need to measure results. These metrics will be based on the business objectives you have defined.

What is your social media call to action? How do you make your audience respond to your social media activities?


But, don’t forget these!

–       Be consistent with content

–       Be original

–       Be focused

–       Have a website link

–       Use e-mails

–       Maintain a personal blog- it makes the company more human and tangible

Lastly, make your employees your advocates. Including them in the social media brand building will not only build brand loyalty among them but also foster greater employee advocates.


Follow these simple steps and see how social media starts working for you!

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Strategies to build your Social Media Audience



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Have you used Social Media for your company before?  Has it worked so far?  Does Social media really matter for your company?

The answer will be a definite “yes”

Although Social Media changes on a daily basis, there are a few things that haven’t changed. One of them being, how Social Media is being used to build an audience or to improve the social media strategy.

For some companies, sending a few tweets, posting on Facebook or even writing a few blog posts have gotten them only so far. There is the obvious desire of achieving more and connecting with more people. Here are a few steps for creating positive and useful presences across Social Media channels for both your existing audience and acquiring new ones.

  1. Generating third party conversations: Apart from a few tweets, Facebook statuses and blog posts of your own, visit blogs, websites & fan pages of others and engage with them. Having conversations with them will eventually bring new traffic to your website and new followers.
  2. Engaging the right group of people and potential customers: This is essential if you want to build an audience. You need to ensure that the marketing and advertising content solves problems and meets the ‘unmet’ needs of the people you hope to connect with on Social Media.
  3. A good balance of content: It’s hard to keep people continually engaged with your content if it’s mostly about promoting or selling. Adding good, light and interesting content to the mix will go a long way in how your content is shared and how your audience increases.

We love this info-graphic that Digital Information World has created. It depicts how to develop mutually beneficial relationships with your audience.

Simple strategies for building audience on social media

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.