How listening to music can make you work better, faster and keep worries away

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”- Aldous Huxley

Listening to music can make you perform better at work
Music can help you relax, drown out distractions, get you pumped up about finishing that assignment or your to- do list or it can make you get annoyed and ask for peace and quiet while you work.

A lot of people surprisingly belong to the first category. Does music really make you more productive? How amongst the treble and the beats do you focus? The answer lies somewhere in between the piano symphony playing in the background and the tranquil atmosphere of the next room.

Musical symphony

Some studies suggest that listening to certain kinds of music, Mozart’s in particular impacts and boosts one’s spatial temporal reasoning or the ability to think abstractly and long term. Although there has been some controversy surrounding this, there however have been a few people for whom this idea has worked on.

A lot of offices here in Australia in fact allow smooth FM to play for instance, and they quite willingly allow people to listen to music as they work. It wasn’t always this way, so what changed? Why have people all over the world allowed music to play as we work? Cafes and retail stores for example use music as a way of creating the right atmosphere. Studies have shown that the music played at a store along with the ambiance has a positive effect on people when they shop! Meaning that they spend more, of course. It’s not hard to imagine is it? We would spend more time at the store if we like what we see, the store has a nice vibe about it and the music makes us feel good! Literally too! Music releases dopamine- the feel good hormone, much in the same way that chocolate makes you feel better. Music helps soothe your nerves and is quite therapeutic in nature.

People’s minds as we work tend to wonder, so music can help bring you back to the present. Here are 9 simple ways music can help you focus:

1. It takes control over the distracted part of your brain: Meaning when your distraction is under control, your brain begins to focus on the present and you will work faster. But, this is more the case for music that doesn’t have lyrics. So play some classical symphony to help get you going!
2. It makes you happy! – Some people respond to rock, hip hop, country to help take their mind of the day’s grind but hey, listen to what makes you happy!

Listening to music makes you happy (Image

3. It makes your work more enjoyable and therefore you work faster

listening to music makes you more productive
4. Reduces any stress that you may face at work- Music has the ability to control areas of the brain governing stress and anxiety.

Music can lower Stress and tension resulting in lower productivity
5. Reduces headache and migraines brought on by pressure and tense situations- Ever heard of the saying “Music has charms to soothe a savage beast,” Listening to music soothes tense nerves and therefore alleviate pain.
6. It has the power to increase certain kinds of higher brain function.
7. It improves body movement and co-ordination –By reducing muscle tension, you tend to do better at work.
8. Music improves productivity- some studies and neuroscience reports have shown that a person’s ability to recognize visual images, including letters and numbers, is faster when either rock or classical music is playing in the background.
9. It makes you more approachable and helps you think better in high pressure environments.

Whatever your line of work maybe, playing soft, instrumental or easy to listen to music is good to help you perform better and ensure that your day at work is a good one!

Create a great playlist for work
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”Plato
So pop those headphones on and listen to some good music! You can be assured of a great day at work!
Do you listen to music while working? What kind of music helps you work better?


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Top Google tools for your Business to Soar!

Top Google tools for your Business to Soar!

 Google tools for business


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There isn’t a single day in our lives when we don’t use the Internet or more specifically Google. But it’s easy to overlook the many tools it has to make your business successful. Some are very well known like Google docs, sheets, slides and Google analytics. But there are a few lesser-known tools that will boost your productivity and grow your business.


So we’ve got a list of tools for your small business:

Google tools for your business to soar(image via


  1. Google Adwords: The most popular form of online advertising is pay-per-click and Google adwords is the Internet’s largest PPC ad network. Google adwords offers you targeted reach, greater control because you can create and edit your ads according to your budget in many formats, all until you get the results you want! Plus you don’t have any minimum spending requirements or time commitment. A great way to advertise online and drive traffic to your website.
  2. Google Trends: Your business will keep evolving in order to fit in with the changing times. So you need to be ahead of the game by knowing what terminology to use for your marketing and sales strategy, website etc. try Google trends to search for trends and how they have changed over time.
  3. Google Think Insights : Understand your consumer trends , gain marketing insights, case studies across different industries and so much more! A truly powerful tool
  4. Google Cloud Print Connect your printers to the web, and print from anywhere to anyone on the go! What’s more? Access Google cloud Print from your iPhone, tablet, PC, Chrome book etc.
  5. GOMO 2014 is the year of Mobiles, so it’s about time your website became mobile friendly! Try Google’s GOMO to check if your business website is or isn’t already mobile friendly.
  6. Google Webmaster tool: This Nifty tool provides detailed reports about your page’s visibility on Google search. Identify search queries that drive traffic, links to your site. Simply add and verify your site and access all the information right away!
  7. Google Alerts Get email updates of the latest Google results based on your queries. Enter what you wish to monitor and you will receive all the latest updates of that query. Perfect way to keep tabs on your competitors and your industry!
  8. Youtube’s My business story : Create free , high quality online videos for your business. Simply create a YouTube account and Upload some video clips and photos, follow the guide to help choose templates, add music etc.
  9. Get Your Business Online with Google:  Most consumers, who use the Internet, will use it to look online for local businesses and services. Every business small or big, if it’s local or otherwise needs a website. But not every small business has one! So get your business online offers free website building, domain name registration, and hosting for up to a year. It also has free resources to advertise and grow your business. So what are you waiting for?

10. Google and Your Business– Google’s Blog for business. Perfect for all kinds of resources, tips, case studies, news about relevant hangouts and sites for ex: Google for Entrepreneur. Very handy, very resourceful

11. Google’s Trusted Stores : The best way to alleviate customer’s doubts about your site’s legitimacy and service. The Google Trusted Stores have to pass a test for reliable shipping and customer service. After this, they earn the right to display a trusted store badge. Who wouldn’t trust a store that has a verified badge?

12. Google Form – An easy to use survey tool, which is a free Google Drive add on which can also be created from an existing spreadsheet. You can create a survey from question templates, using any type of options you want namely, check boxes, multiple choice questions, text answers and either post it in Google+ Hangout or via e-mail. The survey along with the responses is then stored in your Google Drive and you can view the results in a summary or a spreadsheet. Quite useful isn’t it?


Well there you have it! Our top 12 Google must have tools for your business. Super easy and super efficient.


Have you used them before? What tools do you recommend?

Let us know what you think!

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