20 tips to bringing in Traffic to your Blog and getting seen!

Driving traffic to your blog(Image source: WeSEE)

Personal or otherwise, blogging is in demand. Businesses blog to drive traffic to their website, inform, educate an audience as part of their blogging strategy. But it’s not easy to gain a large set of followers right away, and we often find that the followers are mostly not from the region that you want them to be such as from specific regions like Melbourne for example.


The Blogosphere is a big and busy world with over 100 million blogs and growing! So how exactly do you attract visitors to your blog? If you’re a small business, we’ve got some tips for you!


Here is our top 20 Tips to drive traffic to your blog:

 How to increase Blog traffic

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  1. Build a large following on Twitter
  2. Link your Twitter account to your profile
  3. Increase your likes on Facebook
  4. Link your blog to Facebook
  5. Create effective and varied content–  The content should provide value to your readers. Does your blog provide answers to solutions? or answer queries? or inform them about different topics.
  6. Create a list post of your best articles: They provide variety and an opportunity for new readers to click through further on your blog. Plus it allows you to show some of our well read classic posts
  7. Write as often as you can! – Frequently blogging is the first step to building your blog’s audience. It’s because of the content you write that will keep readers coming back for more.
  8. Harness the power of comments: Commenting is a simple yet effective way to increase your blog’s traffic. Responding to comments on your blog shows that you value their opinions and draws them into a 2-way conversation. This is sure to increase the reader’s loyalty.

Leave comments on other blogs too to drive new traffic to your blog. But remember to leave meaningful comments that will get people to engage in conversations

9.Tag your posts: Adding tags to your posts will increase the traffic to your blog instantly. Search engines easily notice tags, and it makes it easier for people to find your blog.

10. Share your content on smaller networks too

11. Create a 6 second preview of your post using Vine (we got this idea from Social Media Examiner) What a great way to give viewers a teaser about what your blog post is about!

12. Build an email subscriber list

13. Include multiple locations for people to subscribe to

14. Include an RSS feed option

15. Make use of Twitter’s ‘Promoted accounts ‘ and Facebook ads to drive traffic to your blog

16. Emulate the strategies of top influential bloggers

17. Participate in LinkedIn groups and get a conversation going

18. Make use of Google+ Hangouts for all trending topics

19. Create a Slideshare overview of your post. Pam Moore (of the Marketing Nut) shows the cross- promotional opportunities between Slideshare and her Blog. We think it’s a great idea!

20. Make use of Instagram and Pinterest to promote posts.

So here’s our handy list. If you have used some or all the methods above, how have they worked for you?


This week, we’re asking our followers to tell us what they’d like us to write about, so write in the comments below and we’ll get cracking on it!


Enjoy your day at the races tomorrow! We know it’ll be a blast!


-Social Pandora