Putting the success back into your social media campaign! PART 2




Every industry is different, so try being in the required range for your industry. All this does is to help gauge your scores.


Ford’s Global Head of Social Media –Scott Monty also suggests using a tiered point system in place rather than looking at how many likes you have. It’s a simple yet effective strategy to use. You can measure the response to your efforts on any social media channel you use.


Here’s how it works (Source: Socialmediaexaminer.com)

If you’re launching a product or a service, you want to generate a buzz about it on Facebook. You post an update to your page about your launch and get a few likes on it. The next day, post a different update, get likes on it and you begin to see people engaging with the post. Shares are more valuable than likes or comments because that update is moved to another page, which increases your reach.


At the beginning of your campaign, translate your objective into a numeric goal. Then, use the tiered point system to weight different types of engagement according to what is valuable to you.


For ex: (For Facebook)  -Likes- 1 point each

Comments- 5 points each

Shares- 10 points each

During the campaign, a quick sum of values will help you determine if your efforts are paying off. You can create similar systems for any of the social media channels.


4. Visibilities and Brand Perception:




 (Image via www.xeus.co.uk)

Social media monitoring tools will provide you data on your brand, your products to see who’s talking about you , how, why,where from? The key to getting good scores here is to add tonnes of value for your customers. Gradually build it up and then begin to sell and then measure. Building relationships with customers is vital, and this is the best way to get there.


How do your numbers compare to your expectations? How have you fared with respect to your industry?


5. Measure traffic to your website:

Link each social media channel to your website; then track which of them send the most and the best traffic to your site. Track URL shares, click conversions, what do they do once they’re on your site?

6. Audit, Adjust, Repeat:

Review your measurement program periodically. Always include benchmarks or competitor information so that your stakeholders will understand how well you have fared.

It also helps to include visual representations of your data to describe your readings better. Editing and improving your measurement program will help you rectify errors if any. Enter new metrics, you may have missed before and alter content that is needed to help achieve your goals.


And. That’s it! 6 super simple steps to show your stakeholders the money! Soon enough you will be raking in results! We hope this gives you ideas on how you can simply measure your social media campaigns and do so without all the expensive tools!

But, hey, if it’s a little too much to do in too little a time, give us a call! We’d do all the hard work for you!

Let us know how you go! What do you think? Can some of the above-mentioned strategies improve the effectiveness of your campaign?


-Social Pandora

What you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur

Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you “ – Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO


Mark Zucherberg, Richard Branson, Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel are all names you’ve heard of or even people who you’ve looked up to. Entrepreneurs come in different shapes and sizes, educational and economic backgrounds but there’s not many things that are common except for the passion, perseverance, never say die attitude and the ability to take risks that comes with the job.

In order to get to where they are, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ve faced hardships, made numerous mistakes, and tried various things before they perfected their business.


The difference between most entrepreneurs, you will notice is their attitude. Either to persevere or to give up when faced with adversity, to not let competition pull you down or shut shop when there are a few bad reviews. It takes a lot more to be a good entrepreneur.


What makes them successful?


  1. Figure out what they want to do; and take baby steps towards their goal
  2. Pause in-between steps to see how far they’ve come and reassess their next step. It’s more a routine of Act.Pause.Learn.Pause.Build.Pause.Repeat
  3. Deal with uncertainty and contingency by experience and not just theoretical plans that have been put in place.
  4. Put yourself out there and try new things and at some point you will figure out what you’re good at and stick to it.
  5. See over every detail of your business. It’s good to look at the big picture but also the smaller details. Especially the case when you’re just starting out.
  6. Never give up-No matter what! They’ll always be moments that bring you down, leave you faithless and competitors will try to cut you off. But, remember why you started your business and stick to it.
  7. Get out of your comfort zone– It’s important to stay scared in the beginning. Some call it staying hungry and some call it staying scared. Either way, the sentiment’s bottom line is the same. Which is to use it as an important motivator.  Go outside of your comfort zone, learn to survive, grow and evolve.
  8. Create what the market needs: This is an important thing you will find most entrepreneurs doing. There are a lot of people with a lot of ideas out there but not every idea is a lucrative business to pursue. If you begin with a current market need, you have a market that is already present with the people who need what you have.
  9. Don’t begin by thinking you will be rich and famous: Believe it or not, entrepreneurs don’t’ have money, success or fame as their goal but rather the by-product.  They begin by working on their product or service, perfecting it until they’re the best at it. The fame, fortune and success will follow on it’s own.
  10. Push yourself harder
  11.                   Learn to finance your business well: Begin with sufficient financing before you move on
  12.        Manage your time well: Remember that time is money
  13.               Learn to function as teams and play to everyone’s strengths
  14.                   Turn Obstacles into assets
  15.                 Learn to say ‘NO’ when the need arises. It’s essential to say no to some great ideas in order to get to the brilliant ones.


“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”—Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder


 We hope that these 15 tips from successful entrepreneurs and business owners will help motivate you and give you  the ideas you need to keep surging ahead.


“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” —Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder

There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.” —Jason Fried, 37signals founder

What tips do you use for your business? Let us know!

-Social Pandora



a dream is never big unless you make it happen

Some days are good days at work, and some days are downright hard. We read about the many success stories of entrepreneurs and what motivates them ,gets them to be so productive all the time. Unfortunately success does not come easily for everyone. Chances are you will soon be giving up on your venture before you can even fully experience the success you’ve been aspiring for. But you never know, tomorrow might be your lucky day! And you would have wished you hadn’t given up today.

To keep yourself motivated or inspired when the Going get’s tough. Here are our top tips.

TIP 1:  “Begin your day Early’:  Sounds cliched but it’s true and works every time. Entrepreneurs wake up early and begin their day healthy. Drink plenty of water and stay fit to help you throughout the day.

TIP 2: Plan your day:  Write down your top 5 tasks that you need to accomplish today.

TIP 3: Set achievable goals: Some entrepreneurs set high goals in the beginning of their venture which sometimes results in disappointments. Set realistic goals with proper timelines. Make use of Gantt charts to help you set smaller more achievable goals. They will then push you to achieve more once each goal is fulfilled.

TIP 4: The 50/10 rule:  It’s easy to get distracted or side tracked at work so try avoiding that by applying the 50/10 rule which is  50 minutes of work with a 10 minute break to refocus.

TIP 5: Keep your mind on the Big Picture:  When you begin your business, no doubt you have pictured yourself basking in the glory of your success after a few years. But if you haven’t gotten there within a few years, don’t give up. Keep that big picture, your dream in your mind and carry on.

TIP 6: Make sure that your work environment is comfortable– Spending a large amount of time in front of the computer can be hard so ensure that your chair is adjusted properly, and that your room is airy and well ventilated and free of distraction.

TIP 7: Change your work environment every now and then: If your work is the kind where you can take it anywhere, then move! Either to a different room at your office, your home, to a library, a nice comfortable public spot with Wi-Fi access or your backyard, anywhere where you’re comfortable because a change in scenery helps with the creative thinking.

TIP 8: Take timely breaks:  If you feel yourself becoming drowsy, low in energy or that you’ve hit a blank spot. Take a break! Get up and take a walk, run an errand maybe, get some coffee or green tea. Each break renews or refreshes you plus gets you to move a bit giving you more energy and a chance to think laterally.

TIP 9: Reflect and self- evaluate: Set aside 10 minutes at the end of your day everyday to just reflect and self evaluate. Rethink your goals, your day. Or meditate. It’s great to calm yourself and get a good night’s rest.

TIP 10: Forecast:  All good entrepreneurs plan and forecast for any glitches that they might come across. Open your minds to the ‘what-if scenario’ even try the marketing warfare strategy with your team.

TIP 11: Keep learning:  Reading, browsing, brainstorming promotes increase in knowledge, increase in capabilities and be the creative gold mine that you’re looking for!

TIP 12: focus on what makes you happy

Focus on what makes you happy Do the things you love to! They keep you happy and productive!

TIP 13: Express gratitude:  Be grateful for what you have and for how far you’ve come. It will help you become a better person and achieve higher levels.

be grateful for what you have

TIP 14: Reward yourself: For every goal achieved, reward yourself with small indulges, or a movie night out or maybe even a spa!

TIP 15: Alternate between projects:- If you find yourself bogged down on  a particular project , switch to something else (if you have the time). It might require a different skill set but it let’s you work with fresh energy and ideas.

Remember that you will fail a few times before you really make it ,especially if you’re a start up. But, It’s in those moments that you truly learn so take it in your stride and carry on.  Once the hardships are over, the business will blossom under your care and passion!

impossible is nothing

What are your go to tips for being inspired and productive?

Write to us!

-Social Pandora

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20 + Creative ideas for Social Media Marketing

creativity in social media(Image via WeSEE.com)

 If you’re a small or medium sized enterprise, churning out content everyday can be monotonous and most often, you find that you need to shake things up a bit to get your page noticed.


93% of businesses are currently leveraging social media to gain more customers, acquire new businesses deals or to build brand loyalty. So if you need to stand out from the competition and effectively attract customers and other businesses, you need creative social media content. So here are our top tips to get you started!


  1. Share your experience:Share your experience

 (Image via @brainwaves-ni.org)


While a lot of information can be got over the Internet, you’re more likely to get heard when you share your experience. It could be anything- A problem you solved, an issue you faced, tips etc. It helps to build relationships and find other like minded people to share expert tips with.

2.   Post a Photo and ask your fans what they think it could be- Our Mystery Photo round !
Help create a sense of excitement with your brand.

3.    Caption this- National Geographic on their Facebook channel does this beautifully and it gets high engagement too! Post a photo and ask your fans to caption it or what they think it represents. It’s perfect for increasing engagement and you get an idea what your audience are like.

4.   Share a Video- Videos are the most shared form of content and gets maximum attention in the social media world! So share a video of your own or something that interested you. It’s good to cross promote too !

5.   Where’s Waldo or the picture hunt-  Post a photo and ask your fans to find any of your brand items, raw materials, finished products etc. It’s fun and gets people to participate!

6.   “I spy something with my  little eye”  – Similar to the picture hunt but you can give them specific things to look for in the picture rather than looking for random things in the picture.

7.   Change the Profile picture and Cover photo:  Spice it up with different pictures to keep the page active. Keep coming up with creative images that reflect your brand’s vision.

8.   Share Funny Stuff- Photos of your office fun, videos you stumble upon from the web, funny images etc. Humour always works well on social media and it helps to lighten the posts for the day.

9.   Share 2-3 pictures and ask which of them your fans like best -It garners interesting responses and provides good insights to what your audience likes.

10.                Riddle me this!


riddles for creative social media marketing

(Image via Bubbleviews.com)

 Ask a Riddle or ask them to unscramble a word Jumble-Break the monotony of posts with this fun game!

11. Create a teaser campaign: When you want to test a thought that hasn’t quite made it big as yet, create a teaser and keep referring to it in your posts to gather curiosity and to build conversations about the topic or thought. You will know what works , how to change anything or how to make it better.

12.Create a ‘ Behind the Scenes’ video series: Use a smartphone or tablet to record your own ‘behind the scenes’ video to show what you’re working on (outlines, schedules, raw materials and so on). Remember to keep it short and sweet!

13.Share your ideas on a new marketing plan or campaign idea and ask your audience what they think of it. What  better way to find out what they really like?

14.                Did you know’?  Fun fact or Trivia- Each week post a fun fact or trivia, a small way to merge education and entertainment don’t you think?

15.                Share inspirational quotes- Short Inspirational quotes to motivate your fans during the week.

16.                Share Live testimonies: Share the testimonies your clients, fans or friends have of you and your work. Show your fans what you’re like!

17.                Fill in the blanks:


I prefer ______________________ to chocolate. A once a week post to build engagement and personalize with your fans.

18.                Provide Expert or Handy tips –

19.Pin it to win it! A contest that works like this. Ask your fans to follow you on Pinterest and repin photos from your board named ‘Brand X’s Pin it to win it Board’ and a #BrandXpinittowinit and get fans to participate from across your social media channels. Choose a winner at the end and offer them a prize.

20.                Offer a Facebook Fan’s only offer

21.                Ask me anything day!- A chance for your fans to ask you questions on that particular day every week. A chance to give them hands on advice, tips, lessons etc

22.                Fact or Myth? Works similar to Did you know? at no 14

23.                Use the ‘Coming Soon’ Message across all your social media channels to let your audience know that something exciting is about to happen!


Try these handy tips and get more followers and build relationships with your fans on all your channels!


Let us know how it works! What creative ideas do you use on your campaign?

-Social Pandora





Lucky Number 27!

Don’t you just love the world we live in?

Things change faster than a girl changes her hair color. From using social media as an after dinner activity, it’s progressed to being something of a necessity. One that we can’t do without anyway!

No, we’re not obsessed with it but just having it is such a good thing! There are a lot of social media platforms out there and with more coming out everyday! So how do we chose amongst the ones that are already there? If you’re relatively new to using social media it can be daunting to get your head around it. So we have broken it down to the essential 27, across different platforms that are good to get you started, up and running in full swing.

Whether it’s for business – needing to market your company , personal branding, reputation management or just  plain networking; you need the right set of tools and resources to get you through it.

With the wave of websites, apps,tools ,blogs & resources to choose from, here is the list of our favorites that we use and recommend to get you accustomed to this wonderful social media world.

1.Blogging and Blog comments:

It’s a no brainer but  we love WordPress because of it’s flexibility, user friendly interface and it’s a good beginning for low cost users. There are over 200 themes to choose from for a unique blog design without all the ground work ! You can start using WordPress.com or WordPress.org for self hosting. WordPress allows you to import from other blogging sites too.

2. You can also use Themefuse for a varied range of WordPress themes as well as packs including domains and hosting.

Okay, So to manage comments on blog posts, Disqus    is a good tool as it makes commenting easier, works with many different platforms like Tumblr,Blogger, Drupal etc however it doesn’t always work with other plug-ins.

3. Twitter Tools:

You will need tools to manage and control the tweets, here are some that we recommend.

Socialoomph – Professional edition. This tool does the scheduling and publishing of tweets, recurring tweets , auto follow back, tracking keywords among others. All time saving options

Tweetdeck – For serious tweeting!  It is invaluable for updating Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn Simultaneously. schedule tweets,arrange feeds – the works basically!

Tweepi – Manage and grow your twitter account- with statistics.

Twitterfeed Have blog content to share? This little wonder allows you to share bloggers content without having to manually tweet your latest blog posts. It’s handy when you want your content to be available to your twitter followers too.

TwitterCounter Want to be Mr Popular? This tool allows you to see how many twitter followers you have from  as far back as 6 months ago to a month ago and compare with other users you like! Nifty huh?!

Tweetadder Twitter marketing and promotion is done best with this tool! All within the rules of twitter

Tweetcaster   for adding photos, unique profile view, send tweets to Facebook, operate multiple accounts -all with this app.

4. Facebook  Tools:

If you’re not on Facebook, get in there now! It’s the biggest social network to be on. Apart from networking , Facebook allows you to have business pages as well

Shortstack If you’re not a programmer and you want custom Facebook pages, this is the tool for you. Customize your page with promotions, videos, contests etc.

5. Virality and Search

SEO- Google Analytics  one of the best tools that is not only free but also excellent at measuring phrases that drive traffic to your site.

Google Adwords-Keywords tool- Also free, it tells you what keywords potential customers are looking for as well as the level of demand for those words.

Topsy – Virality, Tracking , Social listening all rolled into one. it also has great metrics. Find a tweet that your competitor has sent and check how many times it was Retweeted! ( Cool ain’t it ?) great data analysis tool

6 .Photos

When using social media, it is vital to have striking images or photos. they are great for traffic building and conversation generators. So here are our recommendations

Flickr- Access free photos under a creative common license. The pictures are varied and of great quality

ShutterStock -Absolutely wonderful collection of images and photos- but they don’t come free

Big Stock photo– Perfect for high definition photos that has a paid service.

Skitch- Who doesn’t love a little photo manipulation, and if you’re not a Photoshop whiz  you will love this tool. It’s great for saying a lot through it’s annotation and shapes


Bitly – this is very good at tracking  and analytic , apart from being a URL shorten-er. Add “+” at the end of any bit.ly URL to see how many times it’s been clicked on , and by whom. Pretty neat eh?!

Source metrics – All your social media analytics in one nifty dashboard. Track your audience and engagement, integrate campaign publishing, check your blog traffic, subscribers, fan followers  and so much more!

8.Content marketing

Hubspot – One of the best software providers! Generate traffic leads, manage your sales funnel, improve search rankings and so much more.

9.Content creation

Slideshare Upload and download thousands of presentations on various topics, grow your audience just through its magnifying power of shares. we  find that the content posted or shared is both varied and up to date, so get sharing!

10. E-mail

Mail Chimp – easy to use email marketing platform that is cost effective.  features include, email templates, Multi -user accounts,spam filter accounts, RSS to email, analytics and others.

FeedBurner – Power your RSS feed and send daily emails using Google  feed burner service. It’s free and easy to use

11. Listening

Social Mention – Most comprehensive social media searching tool that indexes tweets, blogs,posts etc. real time social media search and analysis

Radian6 – Advanced social media listening tool that helps gains insight about your brand, products and those of your competitors, get all the latest trends. It offers a wide range of services- that comes as different packages

Google Alerts – Very valuable tool for finding bloggers that have linked to your posts, get email updates on all the latest news, web  based on your queries while also keeping an eye on your competition !

There you are! 27 of our most used tools broken down to make easy to understand and use right away

What tools do you use? How have they worked for you? Let us know!

This week, we’re asking our followers for topics they’d like to hear about, so keep writing and let us know ! We look forward to a good discussion

-Social Pandora


Creating a twitter strategy over a cup of coffee

 twitter over coffee

Twitter is a 140 character micro-blogging tool that has helped thousands of businesses reach and connect with people. You’re either already on it or are considering joining.

This post is about creating a twitter strategy from scratch. If you’re stuck on what kind of content to post or how often  to post, this one is for you. If done right, twitter can provide an audience of over 200 million followers ( your audience will be a subset of this ) You just need to find the right audience for your brand and include that as part of your strategy.

Coffee cup in hand; get your team together and let’s get this started!

twitter strategy

STEP 1: Listen

Most companies do this for weeks before they start posting. Why? Because, you need to know what people talk about, what are your competitors tweeting about? Who are the key influencers in your industry?

Listen carefully and jot it all down.

Since this is a coffee session, we will do the listening a little differently. This will give you a gist of what your influencers are saying and generally what content is being shared amongst followers in your industry.

Write down a minimum of 10 things you ‘Listened’ to and read about the people tweeting and retweeting.  Now get each of your team members to do the same. That’s 10 per person on your team to give you the basic information you need to get you going.

STEP 2: Choose your audience

You would have chosen a minimum of 5- 10 followers when you created your twitter profile and will therefore have access to a few tweets. Now start focusing on whom you want to reach on twitter. Limit your scope to the demographic you really need. If you are a B2B, you would want to reach other businesses and follow the people who run them or are employed there.

If you’re a company with a fair amount of customers, look them up on twitter and follow them. Also see who they in turn follow. These people will form a part of your audience.

But, if you are a small company with not too many customers, type in keywords or terms relevant to your industry to find other like-minded people.

Remember that you are not trying to find everyone you’d like to interact with but those who will fit into your audience description.

STEP 3: Create content to Tweet and Retweet


This is the basic content we’re talking about. Now that you are done with the listening and choosing your audience, you should have the following information accessible


  • What are people in my industry talking about?
  • Do they jump into any conversation or are they influencing people through their tweets?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What tone is your audience using? Are they formal or informal?
  • What kind of content is being shared? Links? Photos, maybe? What keywords are they using?
  • Does any kind of content put them off?
  • Check if hashtags are being used and then follow it to see if they are garnering enough conversation.

Use this to tweet and retweet content. Ensure that you are providing value or something useful to your followers.

Go ahead and pour yourself a second cup if you’d like, we’re half way there!

coffee large

STEP 4: What is your twitter lead worth?

Part of being on Twitter is to connect with people, learn new things, have fun with it but the essential reason is to get a good return on investment. Have a call to action component in your tweet. Are you looking for sign ups to your website? Sign-ups to events? Or just brand awareness?

STEP 5: Track your goals


Your overall goal for a larger audience would most likely be to build brand awareness and to promote your company. So consider metrics that capture an overall influence like retweets, blog posts, clicks, link shares

For a skewed audience, each lead carries more value so your goal should probably be to generate new leads. Consider metrics like sales, e-mail, sign-ups, direct messages, mentions and clicks.

STEP 6: Refine your approach

Once you tweet a few times, you’ll know the language people use to tweet, the kind of content and the frequency of content to post.

Ask yourself these;

  • What buzz words or hashtags do I use?
  • How much effort do I put in to reach specific or new followers?
  • What kind of content do I share?
  • What offers/promos or freebies can I do?
  • How do I ensure that my content reflects my brand proposition and positioning?
  • How do I ensure authenticity through my content?


You’re done! As promised, over a coffee session!

However, a twitter strategy is a constant work in progress and definitely longer than a coffee session! But these are a few basic steps to get you started.

Please note that if you do face any negativity, accept the feedback and try to resolve it the best way possible. Always convert negative feedback to positive feedback.

Additionally: Use these tools

1.Twellow.com and Tweepi.com to build your audience

2. Socialoomph.com for automated tweets

3. Twylah.com for tweets that increase engagement and stay relevant

4.Hootsuite.com and Tweetdeck.com for managing your tweet stream

5.Tweetcounter.com and Google Analytics for monitoring and measuring

These should definitely get you up and running and hopefully you will find results soon enough!

-Social Pandora

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