Creating super easy content marketing strategy in 8 steps

Content plan

 You’ve started using social media for business (Good work, Btw ) and created the company profiles across the main social media channels. That’s the first step you need to start a campaign and to create content.

Now, you have the content part of it to begin. Well, you may have heard that ‘Content is king’ so we need to get that sorted out first and sorted out right. For most companies, launching your own content marketing campaign can be daunting. But with this quick guide that we have put down for you, you will be up and running in no time!

Remember, a content marketing plan is only good if it helps you achieve your goals.

What are the elements that belong in a content marketing plan?

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Content marketing is the soul of any organization and needs time and attention to detail.

Okay, so what exactly is content strategy?

Simply put, it is the analysis, creation, publication, planning, and management of content and it could refer to any of the above-mentioned elements.

Rock your content strategy with these steps:


STEP 1: Define your Objectives

What form of media should you choose? Do an audit of your company to understand where you lie and if there are any changes being made to your company. This will give you an idea of your strategy and what message you need to convey. Would videos, blogs or e-books work? Or will a combination of things?

STEP 2- Define your key content theme

What is the single most thing  your brand needs to be associated with or known for? The key content theme should include the following

  • Your customer profile
  • What do they need or want?
  • How will you solve their issues?
  • What will your positioning be?

This is very important for defining your audience and focusing on their unmet needs

STEP 3: Understand your market

You may say “Of course I know my own market”,  but this is purely to create audience personas. Where are they most active? What are your competitors doing? Who are they reaching? What relationships do you need to start building in the industry in order to reach your customers through your content?

STEP 4: Create a content planning calendar:

Align content development with social media metrics and goals. If you’ve created content before, see what has worked for you. Check it’s performance. Did you get noticed? Shared? Were there any comments?

If you haven’t created content before, create your first batch of content on the main channels you have chosen. Create user generated content and create designs like photos and illustrations to be more engaging.

Create a calendar that works for you but include these too

  • Content type
  • Title
  • Category
  • Keywords to be used
  • Distribution channel
  • Date of publishing
  • Goals ( Ex: 110 shares or 50 likes etc)

Ensure that everyone in your team has access to it and are equally involved in content generation process

STEP 5: Set a launch strategy

You can try your creative ideas on focus groups, or few customers to see how you do. Create content for each of the channels and decide when they will be published.

Our tip is to post 5-8 times a day on Twitter and 1-4 times a day on Facebook to get optimal results. Concentrate on increasing daily updates.

STEP 6: Engage in real interactions

Always be available to your audience in real time and have more meaningful conversations with them.

STEP 7: Make sure your blog is mobile friendly and network in all the right places

STEP 8: Wrap up and measure your success

With the first piece of creative work in the bag and results being gathered, you and your team should now go over all aspects of the content and begin working on the next campaign. Or create fresher, more interesting and diverse content.

rock this

Additionally, We love these tips from Social Media Examiner

  • Show your human side with photos and  your work environment
  • Ask your reader’s questions – generate conversations and get a bird’s eye view of what their lives are like
  • Replicate your brand strategy across all channels
  • Use hashtags- great way to get noticed and participate in active conversations
  • Link your outdoor promotional events with social media

A workable content strategy will help you build, plan and maintain a website easily and effectively.

Get started with these and see how it works for you.

Or give us a ring and we’ll do all the hard work for you!

-Social Pandora

(Images Via- WeSee and Blackhold.nusepeas)