What’s Trending in 2015?


It’s the last day of the year 2014 and we hope it was a good year for you! It’s been an interesting year for us here at Social Pandora as we added more clients to our portfolio, added more team members and experimented with the technological trends of 2014. So as we say goodbye to another year and welcome 2015, our team collectively worked on this post to bring you our top trends for 2015 across various fields. Targeting various interests as we notice how big of a year 2015 will be!

2014 saw a boom of apps, health food trends and color schemes, so too will 2015 with some additions of course 😉

Web Trends for 2015:

  1. It’s all about the Mobile: According to Google’s survey, 48% of users said that if a site didn’t work well on their smart phone, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business enough and therefore they weren’t interested in shopping from them. Also 90% of people use multiple devices at once so it is wiser for you to get your website optimized for mobiles and tablets, and make them better than the desktop version.
  2. Get your Crawler Errors fixed! Google increases the rankings of your site if it is without any errors. Crawler errors will prevent users to get to your site and bring your traffic to an all-time low. So get those errors fixed and watch up to 5% increase in your traffic!
  3. Parallax Scrolling: Readers of your posts seem to enjoy parallax scrolling as it gives them the illusion of depth and movement, which increases user engagement. Parallax scrolling is difficult to pull off but if done right – you can add layers of images to get a 3D effect, think of products selling at its best!
  4. Infinite Scrolling: The more you use your touch screen devices, you do more scrolling than clicking! So incorporating this into your web design technique loads content little by little and keeps adding additional content as you read. Your readers will find that the page does not load as slowly anymore and users can read in small segments at a time!
  5. M-Learning- Mobile Learning makes use of the device to make payments, deliver content in bite sized chunks ensuring user’s recall ability. M-payments facilitate novel methods to share and split costs for both products and services. Also known as fair splitting– ‘Audi Unite’ in October 2014 enables customers in Sweden to share a car in private network of 5 users. The app allows users to view location and availability and can access it using a smart key fob. And as per the agreement, drivers are charged either a usage base fee or monthly fixed fee.
  6. Step into the fast lane! : More consumers are pressed for time and expect companies or brands they buy from to provide a fast lane to beat waiting times. While it can’t be done for all services or situations, it works in your favor as you get more customers to stop by; move from the ‘slow’ to the fast lane; finish up and go. Something like fast food restaurants getting quick table turnarounds. Notable example: Include Starbucks with their ‘Order Ahead’ function, Pizza hut and Taco bell.
  7. Internet of things: 4.9 billion connecting things will be in use in 2015 and businesses will need to spend time and money on designing, implementing and operating the internet of things. As more devises become connected, new ways of delivering value from them will be the big thing in the coming months.
  8. Gamification: Applying game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate your audience. Learners recall only 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear. If visuals accompany any presentation or interactive content, users tend to remember them. Storytelling with more visuals than text increases the ability to communicate with your audience quicker.

Color Trends for 2015:

The next year is all about the cool blues and greens- shades of olive green, bright oranges and cobalt blues make for a colorful & chic palette. Grey is the perfect neutral backdrop and can be brightened up with a palette of Mediterranean blue and green with some orange. Renaissance inspired patterns and textures are the pick for the spring and summer of 2015. Choose from a range of olive and bottle greens to make your home feel warm, look earthy and organic and pair it with a gray neutral or go bold with pink and orange for a vivid outlook.

Fitness and Health Food trends for 2015:

As more people join the health foods bandwagon; it’s hard to keep up with the trends! From goji berry to acai berry to chia seeds and the more recent Garcinia cambogia it can be very confusing while shopping! From quinoa to millets, the attention has now moved to Teff- A grass cultivated in Ethiopia. It is high in calcium, iron, fiber and protein and has a sweet taste to it.Tastes great as a side dish or a baked main dish.

More greens like kale, Beet greens or beet spinach is the next big thing. Tastes good in smoothies, soups or as a salad. You can even bake them for a salty snack. Grass fed dairy and meat– Meat and dairy from livestock whose diets are limited to grass fed legumes. They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and are great if you’re looking for a healthier alternative. Nut based butters and cheeses are a sure fire way to lower calories while keeping your taste buds in check. Made from almonds, macadamia nuts- milk, cheese and butters are made the traditional way and they taste great! They are the perfect snack while also boosting your vitamin E and B12 intake.

The fitness trends to look out for are:

  1. Aerial Hammock Yoga– made famous by Pink and Vanessa Hudgens and the cirque du soleil this workout is great to improve flexibility, stay active and get lots of cardio in.
  2. POUND: From Zumba , dance workouts have moved on to something called POUND which incorporates sticks called ripsticks to give a full body workout that is fun, and dynamic.
  3. PILOXING: Pilates and Boxing have joined forces to bring you a workout that is both fun and works on your stability and balance to give you a leaner, toned look.

Some great alternatives to HIIT and Tabata training eh!

Video trends for 2015

  1. Keep the content short: Maximum impact in minimum time.
  2. Make videos interactive: Like customizable story-lines, combining games, music with ads.
  3. Humanizing your brand: Videos are the best way to create deeper relationships with the audience. So creating 60 second videos with a strong message is the next hot thing in 2015.
  4. Use homepage videos, web chat to interact with your customers and increase conversation.
  5. Create video tutorials or how-to’s to educate and inform your audience.
  6. Incorporate some humor: Using humor and easy-to-digest information in formal presentations to target a wider audience.
  7. Make use of mobile video ads

Social Media and Digital Media trends in 2015:

  1. SEO will be for more focused on technical elements and be a valuable part of content marketing.
  2. Mobile ads: It is estimated that 40% of all paid traffic will come from mobile in 2015.
  3. Sites that aren’t optimized for mobile SEO will fail: Google has been penalizing sites that generate errors for mobile users. So remove all the errors and optimize your mobile website.
  4. Using more long tail keyword searches for mobile as mobile users devour information differently from desktop users.
  5. Link Building: Google’s Penguin algorithm ensures good quality content and links are earned rather than being manipulated.
  6. Google’s Pigeon algorithm enables data to be more useful, relevant and local.
  7. Wearable Technology: This could change the web design and SEO industry completely and it is exciting to see what is in store!
  8. 8. Brand Mentions will be as powerful as links: With Google penalizing manipulated links, Google is placing more emphasis on brand mentions for achieving higher search rankings.
  9. 9. Move from G+: After Google Authorship was killed due to low user rates, people may not be using Google+ as much and Google may put more emphasis on Facebook and Twitter to gain social signals.
  10.  Instagram is best for image marketing
  11. Twitter’s new business model will provide better ROI: When compared to Facebook, Twitter promises to give better ROI on ads as Facebook is touted to increase their ad spending for consumers wanting to grow their business.
  12. 3D Printing: To create personalized brands and product offerings.

Design Trends:

  1. Flat Design: Flat design gives websites a clean and polished look, open space, crisp edges, works seamlessly with responsive design and has quicker load times.
  2. Typography: More flat fonts, billboard inspired fonts that are similar to handwriting and is clearer and sharper to read. The logo, titles, fonts and links should fit the company’s style and set the mood and tone for the website. It all brings the text to life!
  3. Use Bigger, richer images: Create eye catching blog graphics, beautiful photography that convey good information.
  4. Wearables: Wearable technology as we mentioned earlier will blend the smart phone and your watch to create a statement while also having data at your finger tips!

So there you have it, an exhaustive list of trends in the year 2015 across various categories!

Have we missed anything out? Have you used any or all? What do you think will be trending in the new year?

Let us know!

-Social Pandora



20 + Creative ideas for Social Media Marketing

creativity in social media(Image via WeSEE.com)

 If you’re a small or medium sized enterprise, churning out content everyday can be monotonous and most often, you find that you need to shake things up a bit to get your page noticed.


93% of businesses are currently leveraging social media to gain more customers, acquire new businesses deals or to build brand loyalty. So if you need to stand out from the competition and effectively attract customers and other businesses, you need creative social media content. So here are our top tips to get you started!


  1. Share your experience:Share your experience

 (Image via @brainwaves-ni.org)


While a lot of information can be got over the Internet, you’re more likely to get heard when you share your experience. It could be anything- A problem you solved, an issue you faced, tips etc. It helps to build relationships and find other like minded people to share expert tips with.

2.   Post a Photo and ask your fans what they think it could be- Our Mystery Photo round !
Help create a sense of excitement with your brand.

3.    Caption this- National Geographic on their Facebook channel does this beautifully and it gets high engagement too! Post a photo and ask your fans to caption it or what they think it represents. It’s perfect for increasing engagement and you get an idea what your audience are like.

4.   Share a Video- Videos are the most shared form of content and gets maximum attention in the social media world! So share a video of your own or something that interested you. It’s good to cross promote too !

5.   Where’s Waldo or the picture hunt-  Post a photo and ask your fans to find any of your brand items, raw materials, finished products etc. It’s fun and gets people to participate!

6.   “I spy something with my  little eye”  – Similar to the picture hunt but you can give them specific things to look for in the picture rather than looking for random things in the picture.

7.   Change the Profile picture and Cover photo:  Spice it up with different pictures to keep the page active. Keep coming up with creative images that reflect your brand’s vision.

8.   Share Funny Stuff- Photos of your office fun, videos you stumble upon from the web, funny images etc. Humour always works well on social media and it helps to lighten the posts for the day.

9.   Share 2-3 pictures and ask which of them your fans like best -It garners interesting responses and provides good insights to what your audience likes.

10.                Riddle me this!


riddles for creative social media marketing

(Image via Bubbleviews.com)

 Ask a Riddle or ask them to unscramble a word Jumble-Break the monotony of posts with this fun game!

11. Create a teaser campaign: When you want to test a thought that hasn’t quite made it big as yet, create a teaser and keep referring to it in your posts to gather curiosity and to build conversations about the topic or thought. You will know what works , how to change anything or how to make it better.

12.Create a ‘ Behind the Scenes’ video series: Use a smartphone or tablet to record your own ‘behind the scenes’ video to show what you’re working on (outlines, schedules, raw materials and so on). Remember to keep it short and sweet!

13.Share your ideas on a new marketing plan or campaign idea and ask your audience what they think of it. What  better way to find out what they really like?

14.                Did you know’?  Fun fact or Trivia- Each week post a fun fact or trivia, a small way to merge education and entertainment don’t you think?

15.                Share inspirational quotes- Short Inspirational quotes to motivate your fans during the week.

16.                Share Live testimonies: Share the testimonies your clients, fans or friends have of you and your work. Show your fans what you’re like!

17.                Fill in the blanks:


I prefer ______________________ to chocolate. A once a week post to build engagement and personalize with your fans.

18.                Provide Expert or Handy tips –

19.Pin it to win it! A contest that works like this. Ask your fans to follow you on Pinterest and repin photos from your board named ‘Brand X’s Pin it to win it Board’ and a #BrandXpinittowinit and get fans to participate from across your social media channels. Choose a winner at the end and offer them a prize.

20.                Offer a Facebook Fan’s only offer

21.                Ask me anything day!- A chance for your fans to ask you questions on that particular day every week. A chance to give them hands on advice, tips, lessons etc

22.                Fact or Myth? Works similar to Did you know? at no 14

23.                Use the ‘Coming Soon’ Message across all your social media channels to let your audience know that something exciting is about to happen!


Try these handy tips and get more followers and build relationships with your fans on all your channels!


Let us know how it works! What creative ideas do you use on your campaign?

-Social Pandora





The Content Marketing Forecast for 2014 that you should know about !

The Content Marketing Forecast for 2014 that you should know about !


What you should know for your Business

What you should know for your Business

(Image via submitedge.com)

 Content Marketing has definitely come a long way! Something that began as a niche strategy has quickly grown to become one of the dominant methods of attracting meaningful and good leads. Harnessing the power of words, or images or videos is essential for building long-term success and an online presence.


So here’s a gist of what we believe are trends for this year and where it is headed!

content-marketing- has to be Original and valuable

 (Image via siliconangle.com)

 Did you know that 92% of marketers are using content marketing? According to infinigraph.com 2014, is all about going beyond experimenting to full content marketing integration and executions.


Instead of arguing about its significance and wondering what strategies to follow and the budgets to go along with it, this will be the year where you will need to have your content marketing strategies organized and in place.


58% of B2B and 60% of B2C marketers will increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months. That being said, companies need to become aware of the importance of content marketing so that CFO’s can make investments in solid content strategies; meaning creating more positions and teams that are dedicated to creating great content. Without a good strategy in place, results won’t be as effective for every aspect of content marketing


Online Marketers have seen an explosion of how people are accessing the web via their mobile devices. From when they wake up until their heads hit the pillow at night, people are on their phones. So why shouldn’t marketers take advantage of this trend and offer consistent and effective content that is accessible on not just mobiles but also tablets? – Trend to look out for is Multi-screens


Marketing needs to be Integrative – it’s not enough to just simply focus on content marketing or social media marketing but to take a holistic view of online marketing in general. Connecting e-mails, content and social media would do a lot to promote the brand and to build relationships.



New SEO –Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird, delivers better results based on the way we speak, so you will now need better and greater content. This update means better use of grammar, synonyms and words that deliver results.


Content Curation:  As more content is being churned out everyday, 2014 will see a greater need of efforts to organize all the information into relevant and better ways for audiences to absorb them- like Custom Timeline in Twitter to tweet about a specific topic or event or LinkedIn Showcase pages that allows brands to segment content for audiences based on different aspects of their business.


Providing value and quality content:  The overall quality of content will grow more than ever this year and as more people consume this content; brands and marketers will step up their game by integrating photos, videos, journalism and innovative story telling into their strategies.


So it’s time to get your Business on board and incorporate these into your strategy!

What are your content trends for 2014? What do you think people should include into their content strategy?


Let us know!


-Social Pandora





Making Instagram work for your business and tapping into its massive audience

Instagram tips and tricks(Image by WeSEE)


By now, you already know that brands can leverage user –generated photos to engage consumers. The power of Instagram is enormous. Businesses all over are using Instagram to enhance the sharing experience by creating short videos and images to share.


Have you considered creating a profile for your brand? Getting started on Instagram is very easy and straightforward. Instagram’s tagline is ‘Capture and share the world’s moments’ and it really is all about just that.


We’ve got a few clients asking us what it is about, how useful it is for business etc. So we are sharing our views on why you should consider it for your business.


Instagram has grown by 33% in just 7 months; it’s about sharing moments and not direct selling of products through images all the time. Here are our top tips for making Instagram work for you.


  1. Define your brand’s goal– what is your purpose for having an account? Are you looking for followers? Or do you want to engage with customers and potential customers?
  2. Balance fun images with pictures from your business: Tell a story with your images. Use images that are fun and convey your business’s image. Ex: Anthropologie
  3. Gain a fan following: Connect your Facebook account and use different images on Facebook and Instagram and cross-post. Also use Hashtags to help people find you on both Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Create a distinct style or theme for your brand: It’s good to have a distinct style associated for your brand across all platforms. Remember to be consistent and not boring.
  5. Be creative and keep the images and videos fresh and engaging: You can add different overlays, text, and image stickers to make them different but don’t overdo it. Also keep the images aesthetically appealing.
  6. What’s life like at work?  Use Instagram to share images of your everyday work, behind the scenes of a product or event, promote posts- give people a reason to want to follow you.
  7. Participate in Hashtag conversations: Great way to share content, meet like-minded people and also allows users to link back to your blog if they don’t know you.
  8. Spread out your content feed: Don’t do binge posting. Post once or twice a day. Engage with your followers, talk, comment, and share.
  9. Focus on your brand value: Make your communication strategy stand out, be direct yet engaging

10. It’s not just about numbers: Instagram is about emotions; so track the increase in followers, the rate of engagement, it’s all about people.

11. Use Instagram to inspire potential customers: Post photos and videos relevant to your brand but that can be representative of a social cause ex: Wholefoodsmarket– their posts promote healthy, wholesome food and showcase its sustainability and store events.

12. Optimize your profile: Like it’s counterparts, Instagram needs to have brand information in specific ways. Here’s a helpful link of what to include in the profile.

Perfect Instagram Profile (Image by Gerry Moran)



13. Use Instagram Video feature: It’s short and a great marketing tool. Use it for promoting your organization, sharing great content, your daily life and your customers and clients.

14. Run competitions or photo contests: Involve users to capture a moment and share them to win something.



Here’s a gist by Toputop.com that describes it perfectly.

Instagram for business


There are valuable marketing lessons to learn from these brands that uses Instagram really well such as Sharpie , Generalelectric and Michaelkors

What will you be using Instagram for? Do you love photo sharing?


-Social Pandora

16 Kickass Facebook Marketing tips


 (Image via WeSEE)

 Facebook continues to reign as the no 1 spot for both personal connections and businesses.; from being a meeting place for friends to share thoughts, opinions and images, it has grown to a great venue for marketing both products and services through customer interactions and self promotion.

With close to 9 million users, Facebook has become an increasingly useful tool and it is almost imperative to have a strong presence.

Whether your brand is just starting out or well established, launching a campaign on Facebook can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive and there are a few things that you can do for your brand without being overwhelmed by data.

So get your engines revving, here are our 15 tips

business on Fb

 (Image via WesEE)

  1. Identify your Audience:  You need to know who your customers are in order to connect with them. Who are they? What do they like reading? How active are they on Facebook? Once you know these, move on to step 2 of creating a marketing strategy.

2. Create a Facebook marketing strategy: Cover areas like Audience, Internal resources, Content Integration, List of content to distribute, Measurement, Budget and Timelines.

3. Create a Facebook Business page:  Go to Facebook to create your company page. It’s a great spot to develop your company brand identity and to show your human side as well. Provide fun, informative content, share things that your audience will like and that is in line with what your brand stands for. Also include keywords in your profile so that new and existing customers can find your page.

4. Set Goals: Set daily, weekly and monthly goals with a list of how often to post, what kind of content to post and link your company blog to Facebook

5.    Email your database- Once your page is live, send emails to your database letting them know that liking your page will give them access to events, promotions and tips. Ensure that it is exclusive to your page and will add value to your customers

 6.    Promote your page and posts:  Add Facebook links to emails and ‘Like’ buttons to websites and blogs. Also promote to your friends and friends of friends to get more views and likes. You can also make use of FB ad’s to get more reach.

 7.    Use a third party platform to distribute your content: Making content on a full time basis for all your social networks can be time consuming. Leverage social media management tools like Hootsuite.com , Bufferapp.com and Socialoomph.com which allow you to publish once and distribute everywhere and at scheduled times. You can integrate Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn company pages within an easy to use interface.

 8.    Find out when to post: Use Edgerankchecker.com to find out the best times to post on Facebook, what keywords to use, how often to post etc. be consistent with your posting , be relevant to your audience, and be excited about it! Your audience at the end of the day is here to have fun. So engage them the right way.

 9.Utilize Facebook groups: Facebook groups can be made public or private, use it to become a social friend, be there to answer queries and make yourself an asset of the group.

10. Use Facebook page insights: See which updates did well and why. What kind of content does your audience respond to better? Use these insights to provide a report and export it to excel for future reference. Be sure to check out Mari smith’s Facebook page for new changes to page insights.


11. Got great customer service? Show off your skills! Respond to all your customer’s comments, queries on time all the time. Convert negative feedback if any to positive feedback by addressing the issue. Always maintain a professional and positive tone. Ensure that you always wow your audience by making their experience with you better.


12. Provide Localized content: Make your fan’s experience better by providing a discount or walk- in promotion at your area. Provide content that is geographically suited to your audience. Geotarget your posts even if you don’t have multiple locations.


13. Host Facebook contests:  Create engagement, excitement by running contests, promotions to increase fans and awareness. The results are fast and can even be dramatic. Prepare by researching third party app providers (contests can’t be hosted through Facebook itself; you can’t ask for ‘likes’ as entries) then direct users to the app from your Facebook page. Decide on a prize that will excite your audience, promote your contest through either paid or non-paid options.

 14.  Use Facebook advertising:  Implementing Facebook advertising into your marketing strategy is one way of increasing likes or driving website clicks. Compared to other online advertising options, you can see a difference in your page’s engagement metrics and ‘like’ count without costing you the earth. You can also narrow your ads to a particular audience- based on demographics or interests or even those who have ‘liked’ your competitors page as well. Set ad budgets and built in ad performance tools.  Facebook doesn’t release information about their ad CTR’s so it’s difficult to know how successful Facebook ads really are. But, according to the infographic by Wordstream.com Facebook ads generally have a CTR of 0.051%, and an average CPC of $0.80; however, a business’s Facebook advertising cost can vary a lot depending on the targeting options set and competition.

 15.  Always keep content current: Keep content fresh, regular and update profile photos; cover photos, links to other pages and contact information to optimize your page for search engines.

 16.  Use Facebook promoted posts and Sponsored stories: Promoted posts will increase your chance of being seen in your user’s news feed. They are shown to existing fans with an option of reaching friend of fans.

A sponsored story is a kind of Facebook ad that shows a user’s interaction to the user’s friends. So if a user likes a certain page, his friends also like the page. The aim is to have a user take the same action as that of his friends. The difference is that sponsored stories get preferred posting, appearing on news feeds and on the right side bar.

 Other tips include: 

   1.Use the right image size

   2. Use cover photos

   3. Don’t forget to organize your tabs: doing this will really boost return traffic and get a good impression with your visitors.


While there is no one size fits all formula for using Facebook, start small and work your way up.

There , that wasn’t so hard was it? They’re small, easy tips that will do wonders to your page.

Let us know how it works for you!

-Social Pandora










Creating a Social Media Strategy the hassle-free way


 Although a lot of companies embrace Social Media as part of their marketing plan, there are a fair few of those who are confused or overwhelmed with Social Media and how to use it.  Reactions vary from “ I already have a lot of customers who are regulars, I don’t need social media to bring me more” or “I don’t know how to use social media, so I don’t do anything”  to “ I don’t think social media can do anything for my job” and the plain and simple” I don’t have time for social media”

Sound a little familiar? That’s all right; you’re not alone. It’s really about understanding how social media works and what it can do for your business. With social media, you can enhance your relationships, build new ones, expand your brand and even understand what your brand needs to improve upon. Today, people the world over look to search engines to find companies, read reviews, check on competitors, look up business partners etc. So if you’re not available to them on social media and the web, they might miss out on what you have to offer.

Once you have established the need for using social media in your business, the next bit is to have a social media strategy in place. If you’re a company already using social media but have the issues of not being engaging enough, you may not achieve the goals you’ve written out for yourself.

Here are 10 easy steps to crafting out a strategy for your company and how to start a campaign.



What are your objectives for your company? Establish a clear, focused vision. It could be to grow your brand, attract new customers, or just to engage with your customers and fans.

Next is to make it measurable. So let’s say you want 50 new customers or leads in the next two months. It is more measurable and clearer than saying that you want 50 new leads.


Who is your audience? Who are the people you want to engage with on social media?

In order to do that, consider asking yourself these questions;

  • Where does my target audience engage? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? Or forums?
  • Do they just read and leave or do they share, and actively participate?
  • What do I know about them? Their demographics, psycho-graphics, their interests?


What are the immediate goals that your company has? What do you want your business to be known for?

What do your customers like about your brand? What do they feel you lack?

Are you having any other marketing or promotional events lined up in the near future?

If so, just  link them with social media to promote it even more.

The answers to these questions will give you content for your brand.


Write down what resources you need to achieve your goal. They could be the following too

–       Internal resources and skills needed

–       External agencies you may partner with

–       Responsibilities and structures

–       Processes where possible

–       Social media policy or guidelines



Answering questions to steps 2 and 3 will give you the basic content needed to get you started. With Digital, remember that the’ Devil is in the details’. So start slowly, create content for a week, then a month and work your way up. Remember to post content that is engaging and informative.


–       Create a presence on all the major social media platforms

–       Ensure that the company name is the same across all the main profiles



Although it is relatively simple, it is most often ignored. When you ‘Listen’ you’ll know what your customers are saying about you and what your competitors are doing. It’s great to know where and how you should be active on social media.


How will you post content, engage with your audience, promote you brand while still being human and approachable?

Social Media is about people, not logos’


Set up everything you need to measure results. These metrics will be based on the business objectives you have defined.

What is your social media call to action? How do you make your audience respond to your social media activities?


But, don’t forget these!

–       Be consistent with content

–       Be original

–       Be focused

–       Have a website link

–       Use e-mails

–       Maintain a personal blog- it makes the company more human and tangible

Lastly, make your employees your advocates. Including them in the social media brand building will not only build brand loyalty among them but also foster greater employee advocates.


Follow these simple steps and see how social media starts working for you!

(Images via- Dreamstime)