Why your business needs Google+ – the tool to watch out for in 2014


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In our previous post, we mentioned that Google + is imperative for any business- Small, Medium or Large. If you don’t have one, now is the best time to join. But we wouldn’t want you to join without knowing all about it would we?

To create an account: Here is a link that will help you create your Google+ profile and business page. It’s pretty step-by-step and will have you creating a page in no time.

Google + for Business

In it’s recent Quarterly report , Janrain analyzed the social log in preferences of consumers across the website and mobile apps of its 365,000 customers, and here’s what they found.


In the 3 quarter of 2013, Facebook captured 45% of all social log-ins beating Google, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn as a means to log into a third party website and mobile applications. But according to the report, Facebook’s share of overall market has been slipping and although it is still dominant, it is losing some consumers who are opting for alternatives like Google+.


In the previous 3 quarters Google+ was no 2 and accounted for 33% of social log-ins. Read more of the report here,


But, despite being the second largest social networking site, a lot of the businesses don’t use it or are unsure of how to use it.

Before we proceed, here’s a quick look at the differences between Facebook and Google+

Facebook vs. Google+: A Guide to Brand Pages [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

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Google+ is a social networking website that integrates with Google’s entire feature list. Plus it has  huge weight in terms of SEO and organic search.

Google+ allows you to post links, photos, videos, text content just like you would on Facebook but does so using the concept of ‘Circles’ where you can group followers according to interests or any other criteria. It is great for building long conversations and therefore lasting relationships.

They also have this unique concept of ‘Hangouts’, which enables group meetings, discussions, and demonstrations. Think of it as an option for panel discussions, teaching a new concept, after which the video can be uploaded to YouTube. Professional and yet effortless, Google + allows you to edit photos that you post onto the network.

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The best things about G+:

  1. Seamless Integration– it neatly integrates with various other tools, making it easy to share and manage content. Integrate with Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome and Google Play

   2. +1 Popularity ranking signal for SEO– works like Facebook’s ‘like’. Google users who like your page will press the ‘+1’ icon. Google then determines how popular your business is.

3. Google Authorship– Allows you to link your content across the internet, letting Google know what content you have created. More importantly that it has originated from you. The greater the content you publish and the wider it is shared, Google will regard you , helping to boost your author rank

4.Your business page allows you to make updates to your wall, link your business to any content that you’ve created using the


Getting the most from G+:

1.Practice before you go live- Have a ‘ Hangout’ session informally to understand how it works

2.  Be visual-As with most social media sites, including photos and videos wherever will boost your interaction with others.

3.Start a community: Easy to set up, it can be sued for a good cause, a good base for knowledge sharing or based on common interests.

4.Share a wide range of content: Curate a broad range of content including both original and others content.It makes it more interesting and appealing to your audience

5.Set up Google Authorship: This will help increases visibility in organic search

6.Review the Brand Page content– Doing this every 90 days will improve your ranking results. G+ auto corrects page revisions

7. Make full use of the +1 button: it will integrate brand pages into the social and open graph formats.

Many marketing and SEO experts love using G+ for business for its SEO, communications and connections.

We love this infographic by Chris Brogan and Blueglass that beautifully depicts why you need G+ for business today.

Join  G+ today and let us know what you think!

-Social Pandora