How Twitter processes tons of mobile application data each day


It’s only been seven months since Twitter released its Answers tool, which was designed to provide users with mobile application analytics. But since that time, Twitter now sees roughly five billion daily sessions in which “hundreds of millions of devices send millions of events every second to the Answers endpoint,” the company explained in a blog post on Tuesday. Clearly, that’s a lot of data that needs to get processed and in the blog post, Twitter detailed how it configured its architecture to handle the task.

The backbone of Answers was created to handle how the mobile application data is received, archived, processed in real time and processed in chunks (otherwise known as batch processing).

Each time an organization uses the Answer tool to learn more how his or her mobile app is functioning, Twitter logs and compresses all that data (which gets set in batches) in order to…

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Product Hunt Wins Best New Startup Of 2014


Product Hunt, the online community where members submit and vote up the best new tech products, has been taking the industry by storm as founders, investors, early adopters and other tech enthusiasts now check the site on a daily basis. Today, the company also has the honor of winning the Crunchie award for “best new startup,” beating out runner-up Shyp to take home the trophy.

The award was presented this evening at the 8th Annual Crunchies Awards, the competition hosted by TechCrunch and VentureBeat, which seeks to recognize the most notable startups and innovations of the year.

Product Hunt began its life in 2013 as an email newsletter about founder Ryan Hoover’s favorite products, and then grew to become an online destination where users could submit and then vote up their own favorites, similar to something like Reddit. Later, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian also invested in the service when the company raised…

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