Why you should know about Digital Ocean if you don’t already


There’s so much news this week we can barely pack it in — but we give it a try. For starters, Derrick Harris explains why there’s so much mad money flowing into big data — the latest example being  MapR’s new healthy $110 million financing. Oh, and why Spark will be s a force to be reckoned with going forward.

And Senior Writer Jonathan Vanian (welcome to the podcast!) weighs in on why CoreOS is such a big deal; and I try to explain why Amazon’s new mite-sized t.2 instances may show that cloud leader is getting more reactive to what rivals like Google(s goog) Compute Platform and Digital Ocean, are doing.

Speaking of Digital Ocean,  our guest this week is that company’s CEO Ben Uretsky who comes on to argue that even many  developers would rather buy “Droplets” of compute/storage/networking resources all at once, rather than slap together AWS components…

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