CloudPhysics gets $15M to provide analytics for VMware users


Data analytics company CloudPhysics raised $15 million in a series C investment round, bringing the company’s total funding to $27.5 million. The company’s predictive analytics platform will supposedly make life easier for users of a VMware environment by providing a way for IT staff to get better insights on how their virtual infrastructure is performing.

The problem facing organizations that invest in a virtualized platform is the fact that loading up multiple services like virtual servers or virtual networks can create a tangled web that “cannot be managed without a new form of systems management,” said CloudPhysics CEO John Blumenthal. The CloudPhysics service manages all these resources and ingests and analyzes data so that IT staff can pinpoint potential problems that may be hindering performance.

Picture detailing CloudPhysics interface Picture detailing CloudPhysics interface

Users install a virtual appliance that collects data and sends it to CloudPhysics’s cloud servers — hosted on Amazon’s EC2 cloud —…

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