500 Startups-Backed Roam And Wander Presents DiDi, An Interactive Teddy Bear


Roam And Wander , a toy and children’s entertainment studio that is currently participating in 500 Startups’ accelerator program , is now raising funds for its latest stuffed animal on Kickstarter.  Called DiDi, the classic brown teddy bear is twice as large as Roam and Wander’s last toy, a bunny named TuTu , and comes to life with the aid of an iPad.

Didi’s companion apps include games that teach young kids letters, numbers, basic reading, and other skills they will need in elementary school.

“My son’s nickname is DiDi, and when I was a boy my favorite toy was a brown teddy bear (that I still have),” says founder Jason Warren.

“I wanted to create a toy for my son, who has mild autism, and for other kids, to help them connect with and play and learn from the same classic toy that I had.”

I got the chance…

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