How Much Time Have You Killed In Front Of Your TV? This Tool Tells You



Me on Wednesday: Oh man! I’m going to be so productive this weekend! I’m going to work on all of my side projects!

Me on Saturday: Screw side projects! Lets re-watch all of Breaking Bad!

Do you ever wonder how much time you’ve spent watching TV shows? It’s probably a lot. But how much?

Two week’s worth? A month?

This tool crunches the numbers for you. Punch in a show you’ve watched, then how many seasons you’ve seen. It’ll tell you how much of your life each show gobbled up — and, more painfully, it’ll add up the total time across all your shows.

Have you seen every episode of Friends? That’s 5 days.

Sat through Lost twice? That’s another 3 days each.

Mad about the last thirty minutes of How I Met Your Mother? That’s okay — you spent 4 days of your life getting there, after all.

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