A Multi-Factor Analysis Of Startups


Editor’s note:   Matt Oguz is managing director of Palo Alto Venture Science.

Every decision we make from what to wear to whom to hire requires a balance of multiple factors. Sometimes we decide quickly and other times with deliberate consideration. Either way, we do this every day. Picking what to wear, for instance, depends on a number of variables: what we have in the closet, what we’ll be doing that day, what the weather’s like, etc. Often we pick something to wear but later question our judgment. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • We haven’t reviewed all of our clothes.
  • We haven’t reviewed all aspects of what we’ll be doing.
  • When we start that activity we realize there was more to it than what we assumed, such as attending a party where everyone is in a cocktail dress except you because you didn’t know the context of the party.

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