4 Marketing lessons from SPC



There is a lot to learn from the SPC imbroglio, the feds must be delighted to have got away with their IR/”no more handouts”  agenda intact as the Victorian government bailed out not only SPC, but their federal colleagues, albeit not a good look for the state version and federal version of  the same party to take a different position on a matter that both are saying is fundamental to their philosophy.

But what can we marketers take away?

  1. Every conversation has many sides. Jan Carlzons great “Moments of Truth” idea from the 80’s hold true in the C21, but the moments have been multiplied by the proliferation of connected devices. Not only do we need to  have to have those we used to call “front line” troops on the hymn-sheet, but we have to have everyone on the sheet, as the conversation is now  much wider, and…

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