The idea muscle



We all know instinctively that with exercise, we get better. Running, jumping, swimming, all that stuff makes us fitter, healthier, but it takes time and effort, and we are all busy.

Busy doing what?  Besides, running is boring, sweaty, and bad for the knees.

We also know that going to school is supposed to teach us stuff that is useable in life, like how to solve a quadratic equation. Last time I did that was 5 minutes before I forgot how to do it, 45 years ago, so perhaps not such a great life skill, for me at least.

However, exercising our brain, our idea muscle if you like seems pretty important however, you think about it.

A friend of mine is stricken by a form of muscular dystrophy, debilitating and dehumanising physically, but rather than becoming despondent and reclusive, she has sought places where she can exercise the only muscle…

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One thought on “The idea muscle

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the reblog. It is great to see that my musings about things “marketing and strategy” are of interest to you.
    Allen Roberts

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