Boost your Retail sales with Social Media

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 Are you having issues increasing your retail sales? Wondering how to boost consumer experience?  Look no further because, we’ve got some tips for you!


Did you know that there are 1,500,000,000+ worldwide users of social media? Out of which 800,000,000 users are from Asia –Pacific?

If we take Facebook alone, 50% of Facebook users sign in every day and spend about 700,000,000,000 minutes, each which equates to more than 1Million years of Facebook every month!  (Source: We Are Social)


Think of the potential!


According to Frost & Sullivan Bricks and Clicks the online shopping market in Australia is growing and will account for 7% of all retails sales by the end of 2013. Almost 90% of online shoppers expect to increase or at least maintain their online spending over the next 12 months.

Innovative business to consumer logistic models, convenience of online product search, comparison of shopping, competitive pricing and the use of social media will convert many online browsers to shoppers.

With these staggering stats, you really can’t afford to not use social media to promote your business now can you Mr. Not Social?

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Making Social Media work for you

Before plunging in headlong into the Social Media waters, we need to take a moment and think about social etiquette. Just as you would at your store, smile and say ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’,or ‘see you again’, you have to use the same etiquette online as well. Why is this important?

Because, social media is about Reciprocation, Promoting others and in the process promoting yourself, Respect and above all Reliability.

You must remember these as you begin your campaign:

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–       Join in on conversations that you are really interested in and not because its your job to.

–       Take the time to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’; never leave a conversation hanging.

–       Introductions are essential

–       Properly manage your ‘follower’ and ‘following’ ratio. Also, follow people with different interests for diversity.

We like the three D’s approach by Sales Force Marketing to help you steer clear of any potential disasters in the making.

–       Disclosure – Steer clear of disclosing trade secrets or intellectual property. This could cost you your job and give your competitor unfair advantage.

–       Defamation – Never make statements that defame anyone

–       Discrimination – Never be discriminatory, remember that you’re in a public forum and your voice is amplified.


For more tips on social media etiquette see here, check out the posts by Chris Brogan and Tamara Weinberg


Decide what channels you want to be a part of in order to proceed. For more tips, read our strategy and content posts to get you started. After you have chosen your BIG 5 platforms to be part of, lets talk about what you need to do to win their hearts.

  1. Animate your page: Get their attention! Your welcome page must reflect what your brand is about.
  2. Gift them things: Create gifts for your fans and offer them to distribute among your circles, produce a viral effect and use good old ‘Word of mouth’ tactics.
  3. Share new products: Got new loot? Let your customers know! Post photos, teasers, describe something, get them exited!.
  4. Promote deals and exclusive offers: Post a discount code on Facebook and Twitter and make the content sharable. Add hashtags to make it easier for users to find that retailer.

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 5.Share in house recommendations: Remember the ‘chef’s special’ at the restaurant, throw in a few ‘Employee Picks’ what do they love? This works like a charm – boosting employee morale, providing customers with recommendations and giving an idea of the range of products you have.

6.Show yourself on theMap it Tab”: Give them details of where you are. Make yourself available and visible and the best way to get there. When they do; you could offer them a deal or discount.

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 7.Conduct Polls:  “Leaders do not sway with the polls, Instead they sway the polls through their own words and actions” – Robert L. Ehrlich.


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Polls can be done on Facebook beautifully. It’s a great way for customers to voice their choices, opinions and for you to know just how popular you are.

 8. Use YELP to hear reviews: It’s important to know what your fans think about you and where you need to improve. Feedback is essential and could make you more customer-friendly.

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Some examples of retailers using social media are IKEA with their “Social Catalogue”, Diesel with their “Fitting Room” and Starbucks with their “Mayor Offers”.


For the 8 steps for using Social Media in retail


That’s, all folks! Go from being Mr. Not so social to Mr. Social and watch your brand grow!


Tomorrow we will update you with the performance metrics.


Let us know how you use social media in retail? What has worked for you?


– Social Pandora





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  1. Reblogged this on udaykelleputtige and commented:
    I think apart from all the points mentioned in this blog, there is one important aspect that social media allows retailer to do ..and that is, the ability it provides to reach out to the right audience with a very scientific and structure approach of promotions that is possible on Facebook. According to me, this provides the marketer with good control on the profile of his audience during promotion and offers. It can go a long way in boosting your sales and acquiring new customers!

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