20 ways to use Twitter for business that is absolutely Twitterific !

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If you’re a business owner, you have a lot on your mind, like how to market your business, ensuring that your customers are happy, that your product or service is up to standard, that your product or service is being recognized and delivered on time, are all the logistics in place?

Phew! That’s a lot and it is certainly not all.

You want to make the most of your time and effort so we have listed 20 easy ways to use Twitter for business.

But, before we proceed, take a look at our  ‘Creating a Twitter strategy over a cup of coffee’ and ‘ Creating twitter content without racking your brains’ posts to ensure that everything is in context.

Remember that a twitter strategy before you begin is essential and valuable.

Here we go!

Personal Branding:  Positioning yourself or your brand as a leader or expert within your industry is our first twitter tip. Personal branding would be an extension of your corporate brand or image.


Networking (Of course!): Finding other twitter users and bloggers is great for business and to broaden your interests.

networking(Image by WeSEE)

Promotion: If you have a promotion running or an event coming up, you can promote the event through twitter.


Integration: Integrate twitter into Facebook and load the twitter app in LinkedIn for better marketing.


Marketing: Run special deals, promotions for your company, seek sponsors for your event. Use Tweepi and Twellow for following people in your category or industry. You can also find them according to your location.


Create a conversation list: You can focus on people who inspire you and mute or ignore all the others. You can include people who inspire you in business or are creative or simply because they are  fun to talk to!


Promote your brand through visual branding:  This gives you an opportunity to provide extra information about your business to everyone who checks out your profile. You can create a custom graphic and use it as your background.


Customer service- The ultimate tool for delivering those important referrals, solving problems, answering queries, anything that will help you collaborate better.


Keywords: Tap into existing traffic using ‘Keywords’ to help amplify your exposure


Tag, you’re Hashtagged!: Use Hashtags to keep yourself updated on the keywords and trends.  You could use Hashtag.org and Topsy.com, which allow you to search trends by geographical location too.


Research: Find out what is being said about your brand or about your competitors. Listen with tools like Topsy.com, Tweetdeck.comHootsuite.com.


Understand Sentiments: What sentiments does your brand conjure when you type your brand name into Twitter?


Tweet links to your surveys on your website or blog

Opinions matter: Ask your client for their opinions. It’s the best way of knowing what they are looking for. It also gives them an opportunity to voice their views as well as engage with others in your community.

personal branding 2


(Image by WeSEE)

Feedback: Collect positive feedback tweets about your product or service and use them as testimonials


Make sure that you are following your customers:  In order to find your customers on twitter, advertise your twitter account to your customers. Then connect with them on all the latest news, tips, events, etc.


Reward people: Give away an e-book, a seat at a webinar, or service discount or product discount. It is a good tool to drive traffic to your blog. Although, ensure that the terms of the offer are mentioned in your blog or website.


Expand your twitter conversation to your blog:  Twitter makes that happen by embedding a tweet into a blog post. Which mans that you can write a blog post centered on a tweet and your blog. Visitors can interact with you on twitter through your blog.


Share company news: Post pictures about your company, your employees, new services or products or even company events to show how authentic and fun you are.


Bridge Twitter with other media: Enrich your audience’s experience by including different kinds of media like images, videos or even audio.


Some good tools are Twitpic.com , Yfrog.com , YouTube.com, Audioboo.fm for photo-sharing, videos and audio files.


Use Twitter for a number of reasons for business and you will find your company building conversations with people, connecting with other companies at Trade shows, webinars or live events pretty soon.


How will you be making Twitter a vital element of your business strategy?

Tell us your stories!

-Social Pandora

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