Demystifying Content Curation

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Well it’s Monday (Again!)  and we’re bringing you a new post for your day. It’s part of the strategy series of posts we’re doing to help you get started with your campaign and hopefully douse any concerns you may have or to answer your  any queries relating to content.

In this post we will cover:

  1. What is Content Curation
  2. Content Curation tips to add to your marketing mix
  3. Content Curation Step by Step
  4. Content Curation tools to get your content to spread like wildfire!

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 Now that you’ve got your pages up and running, it’s time to put some great content out there for your readers!


Content Curation:  Differing from a museum curator, content curation is the art and science of finding good content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way, centralized around a specific theme or topic.

Why Curate?

Content Curation can help build your audience. A content curator will spend hours sifting through, sorting, arranging, researching and publishing information. He will choose the best content that is relevant and informative and share it with the community.


Curation can help you build authority, gain trust, build loyal followers if you curate relevant news and information.

who is a content curator

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 The content can come from various sources like blogs, articles, videos, photos, infographics, podcasts etc.

How to use content curation:

  • Always ensure that credit is given wherever necessary like the sources from where your content is
  • Avoid using only curated content alone but rather a healthy mix of both curated and original content
  • Use a good mix of automated tools as well as human interactions.

This graphic from SocialBites explains it beautifully,



 (IMAGE BY SocialBites)

Content Curation Strategies to Add Value to Your Marketing Mix:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Pick topics that focuses on your audience’s interests
  3. Ensure that the content quality is impeccable and used to inform, engage or entertain readers
  4. Share on a consistent level
  5. Never use the same heading as the original piece of content
  6. Add your own commentary to it.  It will help you differentiate your content and promote your own thoughts on the subject. If you give an explanation as to why it is relevant or why it caught your attention, it might inspire others to read it too.
  7. Link back to the source
  8. Use different kinds of media to tell your story

content curation step by step

 (IMAGE BY BethKanter)


We also like this post published by Pawan Deshpande on using six different approaches for content curation;

Is it Abstracting? Quoting? Summarizing? Take a look here

Six Approaches to content marketing

Where Exactly Do We Get Content from?

content curation sources(IMAGE BY WeSEE)

 Blogs like WordPress allows you to search current topics and see what others are blogging about on Reader.

Tweetdeck can perform automated searches for keywords and hashtags, giving you instant access to articles that are currently trending. is a twitter creation tool to publish an online newspaper. You can find interesting content, share them with your followers and promote photos, videos all across the web.

Google+ for its rich keyword search capabilities, simply type a query into the search bar and filter your results by’ Best’ posts or by ‘ Recent Posts’

Pinterest for sorting, organizing rich visual images and for maintaining content.

Why do you need content curation tools:

  1. Because coming up with content on a continual basis is challenging and having a tool makes it easier and more consistent
  2. It helps you track your results
  3. Organize your content
  4. Promote content

Some tools we like are:

1.Zemanta Content Creation while you blog

2.  Flipboard– Social magazine that lets you share great content

3. Bundlr– Bundle and share content

4. Storify– Add and curate content from any public webpage

5. Turn your content creation into a magazine

6. Bag The Web Curate Web content, Create a bag to collect, publish and share

Also check out this post by WECAI for more great content curation tools.

Social Media Today , in one of their content curation articles mentioned VerticalMeasures President Arnie Kuen who recommends what he calls the rule of thirds for integrating content curation in your own social media posts:

  • ⅓ of Your Time is Promoting Original Content
  • ⅓ of Your Time is Sharing Content Curation
  • ⅓ of Your Time is Engagement and Dialogue

We think it’s a fantastic way for managing time and creating great content.

Are you using content curation as part of your strategy? Or will you be giving it a shot after reading this post?

Let us know which tools you like best!

Curate! Curate! Curate!


-Social Pandora


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