Creating Twitter content without racking your brains

 racking brain

Often, we find it hard to create content that is both fresh and interesting and not to mention, witty. There have been numerous occasions where we stare at the blank screen in front of us wondering what to say and then calling it a day.

Sometimes there really isn’t anything happening! Given that circumstance, you can’t afford to not post anything. So here are a few tips that we’ve come up with for which we really did rack our brains!

Our team comprises of a mixed bunch of people, some who are witty and some who aren’t, but we often come together to create an interesting mix of content. Hopefully you will find this useful. We would also like to hear your tips on what has worked for you.

Though this post is about twitter, the principles can be applied to the other social media channels too, as we often find that we’re in the same predicament every now and then!

How not to suffer from tweeter’s block

racking brain 2

Hit the share button!


We always come across great content from other people’s blogs, news feed or YouTube channels, so go ahead and hit share. If it caught your attention, it could get others attention too! Plus your followers will see what kind of stuff you’re reading about and will get an idea of your sense of humor. (Humorous videos, cartoon, articles, photos always work) While posting, always find a balance between funny and serious content to share.


 Use Pictures

This one’s a given, pictures give your followers an idea of what you’re doing. Share content that is fun and where the message can be read in less than a minute.

Make your content smarter:


Be helpful; use your content to educate, inform, enlighten and broaden people’s minds. Doing this takes some time along  with attuning yourself to what your audience wants.

Write content that will make them respond:


Polls, questions, agree or disagree questions are one of the easiest ways to create conversation and engage your audience. This is great even if you have a few followers and allows them a chance to talk a little about themselves.

Spread the news!

Have you gained 100 new followers? Reached a 1000 mark? Do you have any good news to share? Use this time to share the good news!

You can also share fun facts, tips about either your business or your industry. You can also promote news, events or promotions that are happening right now or in the next few days.

Retweet others interesting content

twitter conversation

Retweet someone else’s interesting content and give them credit for it. It is a valuable relations building tool. If people notice that you’re reading their content, they might pay more attention to yours.

Use search features for discovery

Use search tools to find out what your audience wants. They give insights in to what your audience has in mind and might also address a few of their issues.

Connect with the right audience and tweet with them

Follow people who follow your brand and thank them for following you. Also thank them if they compliment you on something. Help them with their concerns. It is good to follow people in your industry or region to make it more audience specific.

Above all, be fun, engaging and original. Don’t make the mistake of letting your account go inactive for a few days. Most companies who follow you will notice how often you tweet and how engaging your tweets really are.

There you go! That’s all it takes to create content without racking your brains. Another tip is to create content a week at a time so that you’re not bogged down with it all at once.

Now put your thinking hats on and begin the content curation!

happy zone

-Social Pandora

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